#1Standard-vehicles / standard walking floor

Standard walking floor vehicles

As specialists for walking floor transport, DROSG TRANSPORT GmbH offers you optimum solutions in the transport and logistics of bulk material. Whether national, international or just in time – punctuality, competence and reliability, combined with competitively-priced transport and the use of cutting edge communication systems, are the top priority for our customers and our company.

„Innovative thinking, efficient transport and optimum service are our quality standards.“

Suitable for transporting conventional goods of any kind
Our standard walking floor vehicles are suitable for transporting conventional goods of any kind. We transport bulk material, such as grain, corn, pellets, animal feeds, bran, wood chips, sawdust, alternative fuels, pallet goods and much more.

Our services at a glance:

  • Bulk material transport for conventional goods,
    such as grain, corn, animal feeds, sawdust, etc.
  • Walking floor transport and logistics
  • 92 m3 load volume!
  • 100% leak-proof!

The right solution for every
customer requirement

We can offer you a direct service without detours throughout Europe. DROSG TRANSPORT GmbH is at your disposal with over 20 walking floor vehicles for reliable, safe, just in time transport. We have a sophisticated logistics network and cooperate with selected haulage subcontractors to meet all customer needs. For maximum customer satisfaction!

Of course, we guarantee professional cleaning of the interior of the vehicle in accordance with QA certification after each transport. We can provide you with competent, comprehensive advice if you need walking floor vehicles for your loads or are looking for a customised solution. Simply ask us and discover the wide range of options in the walking floor transport sector!

Standard-Fahrzeuge - Schubboden Standard