#3Hazardous goods transport

Hazardous goods transport with walking floor

As specialists who have developed their own walking floor systems for hazardous goods transport, DROSG TRANSPORT GmbH has many years of experience and outstanding expertise in the field of transporting hazardous goods. We can offer you the highest levels of industry competence for hazardous goods transport using walking floors.

„You want to transport hazardous materials? We offer the highest safety standards.“

Core competence:
Transport of hazardous goods of class 4 and 9

The most important component of hazardous goods transport: experience of handling sensitive and dangerous goods. We are experts when it comes to quickly and safely transporting hazardous substances or explosive materials of class 4 and 9. With our highly qualified employees and a modern fleet, we offer a wide range of services in the field of hazardous goods transport with walking floor (92 m3).

Hazardous goods transport

Our services:

  • Hazardous goods of class 4 and 9 with 92 m3 load area!
  • Absolutely watertight trailers (100% leak-proof)!
  • Up to 40% liquid filling level!
  • Industrial and workshop waste, sludges
  • Oil-contaminated and explosive materials
  • Hazardous substances

Highest safety standards for hazardous goods transport

Want to transport hazardous goods? No problem. With our certified hazardous goods safety advisor, we not only offer you transport and the highest safety standards but also monitoring and compliance with all the statutory regulations for the carriage of dangerous goods.

If you're looking for a partner for transporting hazardous goods of class 4 and 9, DROSG TRANSPORT GmbH is your professional point of contact. Benefit from our many years of logistics experience and our expert knowledge in the field of hazardous goods!

Are you looking for a professional partner for (cross-border) waste shipments?

We are happy to advise you and to transport everything in accordance with the Waste Shipment Regulations..

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