#2Dust-proof / special walking floor

Dust-proof walking floor vehicles

We transport sensitive, high-quality bulk materials for the food and feedstuff industries, such as malt, organic grain, etc., with a loading area of 92 m3. Special discharge hoppers for dust-free unloading without rear door opening and perfect hygiene for every consignment.

„Our specialists know exactly what is important.“

Our dust-proof vehicles are suitable for sensitive, high-quality products and are used mainly for the food and feedstuff industries. Your goods are unloaded dust-free, and without any external environmental influences, through special integrated discharge hoppers – without opening the rear doors. We transport bulk material, such as malt, organic grain, flour and much more. Hygiene is particularly important here.

Our services at a glance:

  • Transport of sensitive, high-quality products
  • Dust-free unloading
  • Rear doors remain closed during unloading
  • Automated unloading
  • 92m³ load volume (offers more load volume than standard walking floors)

We develop customised transport solutions along the value chain and transport bulk material – with 92 m3 load volume – quickly, safely and reliably. As specialists for walking floor transport, we are here to help you with industry-specific bulk material transport and can offer precisely the right service for your individual requirements.

More load volume (92 m3) has many advantages:

  • Fast transport times
  • Rapid turnaround times
  • Just in time deliveries
  • Direct shipments throughout Europe

Our specialists know exactly what's important and can offer you integrated transport and logistics services from a single source. And as not all bulk materials are identical, of course we offer you customised and industry-specific solutions optimally matched to your bulk material.

Professional cleaning of the vehicle interior

As a leading edge and forward-looking transport company, we pool our expertise and our services concerning bulk material transport for the benefit of our customers. Of course, this also includes professional cleaning of the vehicle interior which is carried out with the utmost professionalism after every transport in accordance with the conditions of our QA certification using highly effective, environmentally-friendly cleaning agents. For optimum cleaning results.

DROSG TRANSPORT GmbH has been a byword for superior reliability in bulk transport for many years. We are also rapidly and safely available for time-sensitive transport.

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