Green logistics

Sustainable and environmentally-friendly management

DROSG TRANSPORT GmbH has made the reliable and cost-efficient solution of your transport tasks its job because your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. 

„Reducing fuel consumption is a key component.“

Just as environmental and climate protection measures are an integral part of the development of our company, we are also optimising processes with the aim of offering our services in the most environmentally-friendly manner and with the lowest CO2 emissions possible. We only use vehicles which comply with the EEV emission classes and the EURO 6 standard.

Cost-efficient logistics services since 1999

Our company's own fleet only uses vehicles with state-of-the-art control systems. Reducing fuel consumption is an important component of 'green logistics'. Our activities in the field of green logistics reduce emissions and costs, and result in additional competitive advantages thanks to continuous improvements. This is our contribution to the environment and to sustainable development of the economy.

Over 15 years' experience and expertise leave no questions unanswered

We are happy to help and will advise you individually and with solutions in mind. Whether you have questions about the transport of dangerous goods, bulk transport or individual transport operations – our knowledgeable staff are on hand to provide reliable assistance. Take advantage of our experience and our expertise for your company's success!

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