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Standard– vehicles

/standard walking floor

Whether national, international or just in time – as walking floor specialists, we use state-of-the-art walking floor vehicles to transport conventional bulk materials, such as grain, corn, pellets, animal feeds, bran, wood chips, sawdust, alternative fuels and much more.


Dust-proof vehicles

/special walking floor

We transport sensitive, high-quality bulk materials for the food and feedstuff industries, such as malt, organic grain, etc., with a loading area of 92 m3. Special discharge hoppers for dust-free unloading without rear door opening and perfect hygiene for every consignment.


Hazardous goods


We have many years of experience and expertise in transporting hazardous goods of class 4 and 9. Special walking floor systems guarantee 100% watertightness and up to 40% liquid filling level. For the highest safety standards for hazardous substances.

As specialists for walking floor

transport, we have the right solution for every customer requirement! Throughout Europe, point to point, no detours.